Email Bibliography

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood
Here are just a few resources that you can use to learn more about email. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and will always be under construction as new material appears.

Common Questions

Here is more information on some common questions:

Varied Collections

Style and/or Netiquette

I lump style and netiquette together here because many authors don't distinguish between the two.

Geeky Technical Details

Mailing Lists




I have heard of but not read:


I am occasionally asked for guidelines in creating usage policies. I don't make policies, but here is what I've run across:

Scholarly Work

Occasionally people ask me for more scholarly/academic work. I don't follow the literature closely, so you may have better luck looking for "Computer-Mediated Communication" or "Human Computer Interaction" in your favorite search engine.

Here is what I know about:


I don't know what these books are about yet.

History of Email

While electronic mail within one computer system has been around longer, Ray Tomlinson gets the credit for sending the first electronic mail message from one computer to another. I want to make a brief mention of the PLATO project, which I grew up using. By 1974, PLATO had e-mail, newsgroups, chat, and instant messaging, followed soon afterward by remote viewing of someone else's screen. I'm not exactly sure what the user base was, but I know that it could handle about 200 simultaneous users back then. I would guess that there were a few thousand regular users, maybe more.

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