Jim and Ducky's Wedding Pictures

Portrait Gallery

Here are portraits of people at our wedding.

For more photos of our wedding -- and our thoughts on wedding pictures -- see the main pictures page.

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   The happy groom
  The very happy bride.
   The EXTREMELY happy mother of the bride.
  We passed out cameras and film, asking people to take the first photo of themselves so we'd know who took what roll. Sassan was glad to comply.
   We invited the kids. This is Katie.
   This is Katie being chased by her brother Liam...
   And Katie getting the upper hand
Jeff and his son were there
Even infants showed up to party
   Ducky's mother-in-law-in-law
   Bev blowing a kiss...
   ...undoubtedly to hubbie Kit...
   ...or to son Nole hiding behind the flowers
   Ducky's grad school pals, Brad and Sassan
Spence, the officiant
   Jim's brother John and John's wife Dee.
   Mark in one of the only moments where he isn't watching Liam
   Respectable businessman Day
Yeah, right!
   I think Nole wanted some of Spence's cake.
   Danny and Syndie playing Jenga
   MJ and family
Jim's sister MJ
  A light moment during the ceremony
   Your message here - only $999 per month
   John looks bored with all the attention
  Jim, Andrea, Ducky
    The Boise family tree, plus spouses, with a few Sherwoods.
   Ducky saying goodbye to grad school office pals 'Los and Brad

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood