Jim & Ducky's Wedding Pictures

When we planned our wedding, we decided wasn't important to us was having a full set of traditional wedding pictures. Mostly we didn't want to make our guests twiddle their thumbs while waiting for the wedding party to get done with pictures. We also didn't value highly having ten zillion photos of "the bride with..."

Instead, we asked people to bring their own camera, empty. We provided film and had a basket at the end for them to drop it into. The photos that we got from that weren't always this highest professional quality, but many of them were just great! People seemed more comfortable posing for friends than for a professional photographer.

We also provided disposable cameras. I would not advise doing that -- those photos did not turn out well.

(Note: the photos are better than they look here -- I am not that great with a scanner.)

We also hired a professional photographer to take pictures of just Jim and I, in our wedding finery, at the park where we got married, the day before the wedding. That was actually one of the most enjoyable hours of my life! I was with the man I loved, looking sharp. He was looking sharp. We were about to get married in a beautiful setting. Best of all, it was just the two of us (and the photographer, who we really liked) -- no cell phones, no appointments, no decisions to make, no logistics to plan!

Kaitlin Duck Sherwood