This is what I did in Italy. I can't find my long trip report, I'll redo it later. I do have the Lars link, check it out.

Map of Italy

Rome 2 nights

  • Coluseum, forum walk-by
  • Vatican Museum ***** (five stars) (I'd also go up to the top of St. Peter's, but I was jetlagged and didn't have the strength this time.)
  • Florence 10 nights (much too long)
  • Walked around, Il Duomo *** (I thought my legs were going to fall off!)
  • A million churches + Piazzale Michelangelo (one David there)
  • Their version of an Art&Wine Festival
  • Museo Del'Opera **, Dali Exhibition (well worth it, but same thing in Venice & Paris)
  • Uffizi (yea, but you gotta like Madonnas and the Mafia been lobbing bombs around there), Ft. Belevedere ***
  • Palazio Vecchio ***, Scientific Instruments**, Furniture Show
  • Galleria **, Synagogue *, Bargello ****
  • Palatina*, Arte Moderna***, Boboli Gardens ***, Costume Museum **, Kandinsky show **, Marino Marini */***
  • Medici Chapel + Michelangelo room **, Anthropology Museum **
  • Concert in an ex-church basement ***, Armand Testa exhibit **, Fisole
  • Bologna 2 nights (GREAT FOOD!)
  • Wander, laundry
  • Ravenna day trip - mosaics everywhere ****
  • Venice 3 nights
  • Wander, St. Mark's ****
  • Ducal Palace **, more wandering
  • Museo Correr **, Archeological Museum (forget completely), Ca'Pesaro ****, Guggenheim ****, Lars *****, Campanille ***
  • Cavallino 3 nights
  • Duchamps exhibit **, Ca'Rezzonico (forget), Galleria *** [Venice]
  • zone read, and recover from the hike to Cavallino, speak Italian
  • Various islands: Burano *, Murano **, Lido **, Naval Museum ***
  • Verona 2 nights
  • Wander around, chamber music (Poulenc) in a church ****
  • veg, wander, read, dinner with three guys from Toronto
  • Milan 1 night
  • Castel Vecchio *****, Arena *** [Verona];
  • Arte Moderne ***, Duomo **, Opera Museum *, the opera _Oberon_ *
  • Aix-les-Bains, France 1 night
  • train through the Alps ***, movie, two fights, bad scene
  • Paris 11 nights (too many)
  • TGV: get the fuck out of Aix-les-Bains *****, wander in search of a hotel before giving up and using the booth at the station
  • Tuilleries ***, Design Exhibition ****, Discovery Museum **, dinner with a woman from Orlando
  • zonk and Morceau park **
  • Orsay Museum ******
  • Louvre (Egyptian, Greek, Roman antiquities) ****
  • Louvre (Copier Creer exhibit ***, everything else) ***
  • Laundry, Pompidou Center Museum ***, Picasso Museum ***, Lock & Key Museum ***
  • Modern Art of the City of Paris (0 stars), Sewer Tour **, Museum of Decorative Arts ***, _The Marriage Of Figaro_ *****
  • Rest, read, Eiffel tower third story ***
  • Watch TV (holiday), read, explore the Mouffetard area **, strange encounter with horny French men
  • Arch of La Defense **, Arab Museum ***
  • Chase buses, trains, planes, and come home!
  • Of all the cities, I think I liked Venice best. The stuff is so massive, so monumental, so overwhelming... and because of the canals, you can get back far enough to actually SEE them. Venice is also a pedestrian town, which I like. On the other hand, Paris has its trees outdoors much more than the other cities. The food was best in Bologna, hands down. I enjoyed myself the most in Cavallino - this tiny resort outside of Venice where they didn't speak English but were very sweet about putting up with my fractured Italian. The Orsay in Paris was an amazing museum. Just a stunning ensemble. The Bargello in Florence had awsome sculptures and a minimum of Madonnas. The Arena in Verona was impressive as all hell, more so than the Colleseum. I enjoyed the random evenings of music in churches, and the Paris Opera beats the Milan Opera hands down. Don't go to Aix-les-Bains. Do take the TGV. And when Lars asks you to go to Nice with him, GO!
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