Supplementary Info About My NZ Trip

Cecilia Penera

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The primary aim of WWOOF is to promote and educate people about organic farming and related subjects through hands-on experience. As a side effect, it's also a resource for travellers who are willing to learn about organic farming and put in a little work in exchange for room and board.

WWOOF in each country is a separate organization. You have to join the one you want to use. In New Zealand, contact


The goal of SERVAS is to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding through personal contacts. No payment or barter is expected from the traveller, but you are expected to share something about yourself, be curious about the culture you're visiting, and respect their ways. All common sense stuff.

The recommended stay is 2-3 nights: long enough to get to know your hosts, but not enough to become a burden. You can negotiate the length of the stay with your host once you've met, however.

To join, you pay them some money ($55), write up an information sheet on yourself, and get interviewed by a host that lives in your area. The interview is no big deal; if you're an openminded traveller interested in other cultures, you're there. To get a hostlist, you send them a $25 deposit. You get the money back when you send them back the list. They are more concerned about the ownership of their list than WWOOF is, since they screen their hosts and travellers, and they want only the people they have screened to actually use their lists.

SERVAS in the US can be contacted at: